Multi- Dimensional Osseous Adjusting Workshop

Chiropractors and Chiropractic students

Come play ignite your curiosity and passion, and grow in the knowledge you will gain

We will delve into tonal osseous and myofascial adjusting of the sacred geometry of Biogeometric Integration.

With Dr. Katina we will dance and create as she helps us marry:


adjusting of Biogeometric Integration
*Osseous and myofascial adjustments, and orthopedic yoga *Functional neurology of the triune brain, and how we read our patients and create homework to get them to their needs.
*And a passionate love of chiropractic art and philosophy.

$300 for students
$350 for first year doctors
$400 for doctors
$25 off for early signup before May

To register: Contact Derek 316-323-8698

Dr. Katina is in private practice for over quarter-century.
She is on staff since the birth of BGI and is a certified master.
She's a world educator and promoter of health and healing comes from within.
Her ability to teach others to resonate with the mastery within themselves always brings tears laughter fun creativity and wisdoms that can be applied forever.!!!!

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22 June , Friday 07:00