Mountain West Herb Conference

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We are very excited to bring you the first annual Mountain West Herb Conference. We are looking forward to connecting with other herbalists, medicine makers, wild ones, environmental

activists, and scientists throughout the beautiful mountains of western North America. We have a beautiful, diverse, and delicate ecosystem that runs throughout the western mountain ranges. We live in this range where many of the same plants grow, and the same ecosystems exist; and each and every one of us are keepers of the plant spirits and healing knowledge that transcends time and healing traditions. Scattered as we are through the peaks and foothills, we don’t often connect to others working with the same plants and managing and healing the same eco-system.

The Mountain West Herb Conference is here to help us connect, learn about our local flora, and discuss the patterns we are seeing in each of our bio-regions. I dream this will be a place where we can connect, discuss ideas and environmental impact, and plan for the future of the Mountain West, while learning from some of the best practitioners who live and work in these beautiful mountain ranges. This isn’t just an herb conference where people can learn skills, and basic herbal medicine, but a way for those of us in this region to connect, converse, compare, and brain storm how to create a more beautiful future for herbalism, our plant allies, and our bio-region.

We hope you will join us on this beautiful journey.

Many blessings,
Amanda Klenner and the MWHC Team

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620 Village Rd, 80424
16 June , Thursday 15:00

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