Monthly Meeting: Zack Childress

Here are just some of the points that Zack will be talking about:
- 7 Secrets to having a successful business in any market and in any market cycle
- How to Get Someone Else to Run Your Business FOR YOU…for Pennies on the Dollar
- How to Automate Your Business So You're No Longer an Employee In it!

Using Technology to Find Motivated Sellers and Buyers on the Internet with No Work on Your End
- Overcoming the FEAR of making offers
- Turning leads into deals and how to close quickly
- Zack will show you one tool that will pull all the REO properties at any discount you want right from the Banks Vault. This will make you a fortune.
- 6 Quick Cash Strategies
- How to Specify Your Investing Business
- 5 Types of Motivated Sellers for Today’s Market
- How to make $27,000 while on vacation

Our speaker this evening is Zack Childress and he is going to talk to you about how to automate your business so that you can work smarter and not harder to make more money on your deals. And who doesn’t need more money?

Zack is a best selling author, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, family man, and philanthropist. He has been features in many books and articles, interviewed many times, and has been on lots of panels of experts at live events around the country. Zack still actively invests in real estate in 7 different markets, including his home town of Huntsville, AL. Every day, Zack and his team are looking for inventive ways to improve the automation of his business systems and the investing strategies that he will be sharing with you tonight.

Zack started his career as a real estate investor over 8 years ago. Zack is one of the few investors who have successfully maneuvered through the housing crash and come through it with a completely automated business that generates a full 5-figure income each and every month! Zack Childress, aka Mr. Automation, is one of the leading experts on automating your real estate business and virtual investing.

He went through quite a journey to get where he is today. So, I will let Zack tell you more about his story and how he does what he does. Please join me in welcoming Zack Childress.

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Four Points Sheraton 275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT
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18 January , Monday 17:45