Mobilizing for Nonviolent Global Liberation with Miki Kashtan

A Retreat to Co-create Personal and Collective Capacity
Offered by Miki Kashtan and other trainers and apprentices

- Is the power of nonviolence – courage, truth, and love – deeply calling to your spirit?
- Are you longing for deeper alignment with your values?
- Are you eager for more clarity

and inspiration about how you can respond to a world in crisis?
- Would you like to expose yourself to knowledge, principles, and practices that can support you in your work?
- Do you wish for more connection to your own power and ability as you deepen your capacity for a life of service?

This retreat is designed with the following groups of people in mind:
- Members of the soon-to-be-launched Nonviolent Global Liberation Apprenticeship Program and Learning Community (NGL) who want to be part of the annual in-person retreat
- People who want an in-person exploration of what NGL is about before joining
- People who resonate with any of the questions above who would you like to be immersed in a vibrant, thriving, co-creative learning community for a week
- NVC trainers, mediators, facilitators, managers, and consultants who want to enrich their work through learning about Miki’s approach to these areas

This retreat is designed to create the conditions that would allow all of us who attend to take a next step in our understanding, capacity for interdependent living, practice, service, and contribution to support the possibility of nonviolent global liberation.

Our time together will draw from the following elements:
-Nonviolence: deepening understanding of the path and its implications for all aspects of life
-Internal liberation: transcending individual socialization and collective patriarchal patterns to reclaim freedom and collaboration for the benefit of all
- Leadership: willingly and unilaterally embracing interdependent responsibility for the whole
- Power and privilege: engaging with their causes and effects internally, in relationships, within organizations, and in society
- Organization development: applying a needs- and collaboration perspective to all aspects of organizational function, from the internal to the systemic
- Social change: fleshing out fully all aspects of the work, including vision, relationships, inner work, and strategic approaches to social transformation
- Facilitation: Basic and advanced elements of group facilitation, including Convergent Facilitation
- Principle-Based Teaching: understanding, living, and sharing NVC from the perspective of principles and practices rather than specific methods

What of these will we cover at the retreat? This is where co-creation comes in. Everyone coming is invited to become an active part of shaping what it will look like.

Each day, Miki is planning to offer teaching, practice, and coaching in one or more of the areas named above based on her 21 years of experience sharing NVC, facilitating, and consulting with organizations and communities.

In parallel, others present, including in particular NGL members, are likely to present workshops, practice sessions, coaching, and empathy in their own areas of focus based on what they have learned from Miki and elsewhere. (Note: You will have an opportunity to name what you may want to offer after you register.)

Together, we can create a menu for the retreat in which everyone can find their place to contribute, to learn, to grow, to weave connections, and to dip into the vision of a world that works for all.

The workshop will be taught in English.

Miki Kashtan has been leading workshops and retreats around the world since 1996 and applying NVC in working with organizations since 2001. She co-founded Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) in 2002 and the Center for Efficient Collaboration in 2015. She blogs on The Fearless Heart, where she engages with topics ranging from inner freedom to global governance. The Nonviolent Global Liberation project is her latest effort to contribute decisively to supporting a growing group of people, fully committed to acting in each moment, in full power in support of the vision of world that truly works for all life. She is from Israel and lives in Oakland, CA.

Vérène Nicolas and Sabine Geiger have studied and taught with Miki for years and have been actively using her approach in their own work. Vérène engages extensively in community settings in Scotland and elsewhere. Sabine supports NVC certification candidates and focuses on NVC using the body. Vérène is from France and lives in Scotland. Sabine is from and lives in Germany.

Magda Baranska and Joanna Berendt have been organizing events with this team for several years and have a rich experience of holding groups and activities relying on what they have learned and absorbed in years of working together with each other and in support of the vision the inspires Miki’s work. They both live in Warsaw, Poland.

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Galowizna 2, 96-321
Zabia Wola
04 June , Monday 11:00

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