MISSISSIPPI, #LetsGoToIOWA to win the caucus!

Bernie has said, “If we win in Iowa and New Hampshire, it opens up for us a path toward victory.” We need to win Iowa. And we're planning this trip for Mississippi volunteers who want to go to Iowa to make it happen.

While we may not have Super PAC money; we have the people power to make it happen and

help mobilize voters to get out to the caucus. We believe bringing a large, visible group of volunteers from across our country to Iowa the weekend before the caucus could make a huge impact on voter turnout to the caucus. Every revolution in history has had a watershed moment; Iowa is ours.

We will be heading to Iowa Thursday, January 28 & returning to Mississippi on Tuesday, February 2, the day after the caucus. We’re hoping you'll join us!!

If you're planning to join our trip from Mississippi to IOWA, make sure you:

1 | Complete the registration form at TheRevolutionStartsWith.Us/join.

2 | RSVP to the national event at bit.ly/LetsGoToIOWA.

Imagine volunteers from every state meeting up in Des Moines to rally on Friday night, canvassing Saturday and Sunday, transporting voters to the caucus on Monday and rallying outside caucus locations. Imagine what a difference that level of visibility could make for the campaign. This could be the moment that defines our movement.

Here's our plan:

DEPARTURE | Thursday, January 28: Volunteers leave from states across the country to descend on Iowa to turn out the vote.

RALLY IN DES MOINES | Friday, January 29: At 6pm, all of us will gather in Des Moines for a rally with local organizers.

HIT THE STREETS | Saturday, January 30 - Sunday, January 31: Meet up with local organizers across the state & support local campaign teams in mobilizing and motivating Bernie supporters to attend the caucus.

THE CAUCUS | February 1: During the day, we’ll continue to volunteer for local campaign efforts, they we’ll rally near precinct locations at 5pm and use our buses to transport voters to the caucus. The caucus begins at 7pm. Afterward, we’ll work with local organizers to schedule parties across the state to celebrate victory!

RETURN HOME | Tuesday, February 2: Motivated by our win in Iowa, we’ll get back to work in our home states to ensure that Bernie Sanders becomes the next president of the United States.
We hope you might want to mobilize a team from YOUR area or state to meet up there. RSVP NOW & make sure to sign up at therevolutionstartswith.us/join to get started!!!

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West Branch
28 January , Thursday 17:00

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