Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Washington March

Last year this time women Across the Nation gathered in resistance of the inauguration of the 45th president.

Here in Seattle the Indigenous Women were given the Honor & Solidarity to lead the March this Year M.M.I.W.W. will be leading Seattle's Womens March. We would like to Respectfully Invite all

families of M.M.I.W. Victims to attend. Bringing awareness to the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and colonial gender based violence in the United States and Canada.

Our Mission is to raise consciousness, unite and demand action for Indigenous women, girls, Two Spirit and LGBTQQIA people who have been murdered or gone missing, tortured, raped, trafficked, and assaulted, who have not had the proper attention or justice we see the tragedies in our communities at horrendous rates. While there isn’t a comprehensive estimate, there are many factors that contribute to the disproportionated number of Indigenous women who are missing and murdered in the United States. Indigenous women have incurred devastating levels of violence in the US. “According to the US Department of Justice, nearly half of all Native American women have been raped, beaten, or stalked by an intimate partner; one in three will be raped in their lifetime; and on some reservations, women are murdered at a rate 10 times higher than the national average.” But many factors complicate the reporting and recording of these numbers, including fear, stigma, legal barriers, racism, sexism, amongst others. Additionally, there is perpetuation of Native women as sexual objects in the mainstream media.

We are seeing the rise in M.M.I.W. due to the immense rush for fracking & fossel fuel extractions. Along with these Pipelines Indiginous communities are at threat with these "Man Camps" being established miles away from Reservations. A majority of these men are isolated for long periods, they also have no ties to the area or it's communities. These men often work 12 hour days & are paid excessive amounts of money, these "Man Camps" become center's for drug's, violence, and human trafficking of Indigenous women & girls.

This year we take to the streets for our MMIW Mothers, Sisters, Grandmothers, Aunties, Cousins and loved ones in their memory and honor.
We want to thank the Women’s March Org for honoring and supporting Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington.

Red is Color of M.M.I.W.W.

Please bring your drums rattles & songs

We will also be hosting an Art Build
To be Announced

If you have any questions nimiipuuroxy206@gmail.com

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20 January , Saturday 10:00

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