Mindful Play in Memory of Deanna Radin Lubin z"l

My mother's second yahrtzeit is on כ״ד ניסן which falls out Sun. night and Monday following Pesach (April 8-9). In her memory, I'd like you to join me in setting aside an hour of that day to play with your kids (or grandchildren, or nieces, nephews or random children). I mean really play with them. Be

present. Read a book with them. Chase them around. Use bubbles. Use your imagination. The only thing you can't use are electronic devices. My mother, z"l, had an incredible talent and energy for this type of play. I'd like to keep that memory and energy alive.

If you are in Jerusalem, you can join my kids and I in Park Lifshitz (behind Yedidya) from 4-5 pm on Monday, April 9.

Last year, I really appreciated all the reports back of how people shared this hour with their kids, so feel free to share even if you can't join us in person.

(I will also be giving a more traditional, yahrtzeit shiur on Shabbat, April 14, see the other event)

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Park Lifshitz
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09 April , Monday 16:00