Microaggressions in the Workplace with Branca and Edmonds

A workshop for professionals who want to develop the capacity for recognizing and responding appropriately and effectively to micro-aggressions at their place of work.

Led by Laura Branca and Kirby Edmonds

Micro-aggressions are exclusionary, denigrating behaviors or signals that are often carried

out outside the perpetrator’s
conscious awareness. Although there can be subtle, coded ways to express intentional hostility or disdain without risking
disciplinary action for flagrant discrimination, micro-aggressions are more often the unexamined, unacknowledged
expression of an individual’s biases toward people in excluded or marginalized identities or subordinate groups. Microaggressions
are often trivialized or excused as being unintended, yet their messages are not-so-subtle and their impact can
be very harmful to morale, the workplace climate, and the worker’s motivation to contribute and stay with the organization.

Visit www.hsctc.org/workshops for further details

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101 E Green St, 14850
10 April , Tuesday 09:00

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