Memorial Service for Joshua Beebe, UE

Joshua Beebe, UE, late of Captain Walter Butler's Company, Butler's Rangers, died of smallpox at Fort Niagara in the Province of Quebec in 1779. His widow, Maria Beebe (née Secord) left the rebellious colonies forever to become a refugee in Canada. She was an early United Empire Loyalist settler in

New Carlisle, Quebec. Joshua and Maria Beebe's son, Adin Beebe, served as a serjeant in Butler's Rangers for the rest of the Revolutionary War and was one of the founders of St. Catharines, Ontario.

On 18 August, 2018, at 11:00 am, Joshua and Maria Beebe's descendants will host a ceremony at the old military cemetery at Old Fort Niagara SHS, Youngstown, New York. Three recreated historic regiments will be on parade: Butler's Rangers, the King's Royal Regiment of New York, and the King's 8th Regiment of Foot, along with the Loyalist Fifes and Drums.

On behalf of Joshua Beebe's descendants, a wreath and tobacco will be laid at the cemetery and a gift of wampum will be left in the custody and care of Fort Niagara's staff.

Please note that this event is subject to the approval of the management of Old Fort Niagara.

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102 Morrow Plaza, 14174
18 August , Saturday 11:00

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