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“THE MASK YOU LIVE IN" maintains that many gender traits are a social construct and that the images of men that boys receive at home and from television, films, sports and video games encourages them to be stoic, dominant and to resolve conflicts with

violence.” – Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Join us for a rare opportunity to see this amazing film.
Following the film, special guest Dan Mahle, founder of Wholehearted Masculine, will join us in a conversation on the impacts today’s culture has on boys and men, and what masculinity really means in the 21st Century.

Pressured by the media, their peer group, and even the adults in their lives, our protagonists confront messages encouraging them to disconnect from their emotions, devalue authentic friendships, objectify and degrade women, and resolve conflicts through violence. These gender stereotypes interconnect with race, class, and circumstance, creating a maze of identity issues boys and young men must navigate to become “real” men.

The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity.

Experts in neuroscience, psychology, sociology, sports, education, and media also weigh in, offering empirical evidence of the “boy crisis” and tactics to combat it.

The Mask You Live In ultimately illustrates how we, as a society, can raise a healthier generation of boys and young men.

Join us for a discussion following the film with Dan Mahle, founder of the organization Wholehearted Masculinity.
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05 February , Friday 19:00