May 1 demonstration 2018 Nykvarn Edition (Public event)

2018 is a election year! Even more important! Also, go to Ludvika!



A march in Nykvarns kommun, Sweden. Against rascism and for tolerance. Personally, I've only marched four times on may 1, with a start in 2012 so this will be the fifth time.

I was in Riga 2013 for

the demonstration that time but it was surely attended then as well in Nykvarn (had some photos in Riga naturally)

Join me! The reason I'm doing this is that a member of a rascist party in sweden (nationaldemokraterna) has changed his party to Svenskarnas parti (who used to be called nationalsocialistisk front). Svenskarnas parti is a rascist party. They state that quite clearly on their webpage and in their press material.So I want to make a statement. Again.

In 2014 Nationaldemokraterna decided to not be a political party anymore - but the democratically elected members of city council are still active until september 2014. With that in mind the march was still done. A DVD was turned in to the town with material from previous demonstrations and trailers - ask to have it sent to you with the small sheet as well.

The situation at the moment is that Sverigedemokraterna has representation in Nykvarn. Nationaldemokraterna and Svenskarnas parti has no representation. However, Sverigedemokraterna has a rather clear, rascist agenda. And that party -has- representation. Also in the "riksdag"

So in 2018, lets do it again.

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01 May , Tuesday 15:00

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