Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios in Seattle

I am excited to announce for the first time in Seattle, Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios will be here giving workshops and private lessons. They are amazing dancers, wonderful teachers and have extensive background in competition having won national awards in Chile as well as international awards

in BsAs and South Korea.

Jan 30th:

1-230 Tango: Listening to your partner (both roles)
Recognize when and how
2:45-4:15 Milonga traspie: Enjoy short and rock steps

4:15-5 Free Practica for students only

*** Pre-milonga Class and Exclusive Performance @ DU ***

Jan 31st:

2-3:45 Tango: Elastic Embrace - How to use elastic embrace
keeping connection and senses
4-5:30 Vals: Turns and displacements

Prices for workshops:
1 class $30
2 classes $55
3 classes $80
4 classes $100

Pre-milonga class $10

Private lessons: $100 1 hour for one or both teachers for one person or couple

Pre-register & schedule private lessons with Maureen Munoz

Our History

Argentine Tango Dancers with over 18 years national and international experience. We have a deep preparation in two style; Salón and stage tango. Our academic formation have many rythms like: Jazz, Ballet and sports dance (Ballroom). Our work and philosophy is concentrated in to maintain always the tango traditional essence, putting interest in the technic for garanty the clean movement, but above all, we want to promote the enjoy inside of the embrace and the love for this tango danza with the most important point that is the conection and the improv doing, in our workshops, simples but elementals topics for as the students can understand better the tango like a doctrine and like a dance. We have competed and won national and international awards and these are: 6 finals in world tango championship (BsAs, Argentine). Second place in world tango championship in 2007, and first place in world tango championship in South Korea in 2008, first place in National Championship in 2006 and first place in Latinoamerica danza Chile championship (2004 and 2001).

Comments by our Colleagues, Masters and Organizers about our Work.

"...conocí a Paloma y Maximiliano en un festival en México el año 2014, y quedé tan impresionado por su profesionalismo, enseñanza, capacidades y habilidades que los contraté inmediatamente para Valentango 2015 y 2016..." En: "...I first met Paloma & Maximiliano at a festival in Mexico in 2014 and was so impressed by their professionalism, teaching ability and performance skills that I hired them immediately for my Feb 2015 Portland ValenTango Festival and again for my 2016 ValenTango..." Clay Nelson, organizador del Festival Valentango, Portland, Oregon.
"...han comenzado a transitar el camino del Tango Salón y hoy se han convertido en excelentes bailarines de pista también... Me encanta verlos bailar y producir la admiración que producen en el público..." En: "...They have years walking the style of "Tango Salon" and today have become excellent dancers of this style.
I love watch them dance, and how they produce the admiration they have on the people..." Fernando Galera, Maestro de Tango Argentino.
"...Maxi y Paloma, la pasión y la calidad se encuentran en su baile. Ellos son grandes bailarines y maestros, y ha sido un placer haber compartido con ustedes un festival de nivel internacional..." En: "...Maxi and Paloma, passion and quality meet in your dance. They are great dancers and teachers, and has been a pleasure to have shared with you a festival of international level..." Gustavo Benzecry, Maestro de Tango Argentino.
Our International tours:

Argentina: Mendoza, Cordoba, Buenos Aires
Colombia: Bogotá, Medellín
Venezuela: Caracas
South Korea: Busan
Switzerland: Luzern, Seeburg
Germany: Nürnberg, Hof, Bayreuth, Plauen, Regensburg, Eichstätt
México: San Miguel De Allende, Durango, México City
USA: Portland, San Diego

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340 15th Ave E, Ste 101, 98112-5156
28 January , Thursday 13:00

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