Mauritius - Laser Workshop

This informative, 3-hour workshop on the most scientifically advanced technology in modern dentistry will inform dentists and specialists with insight into all the benefits of this exciting minimally-invasive technology and laser-tissue-interaction. You will not only gain intellectual understanding of

lasers for dentistry, but also practical guidance, demonstration and hands-on experience of lasers.

Why are lasers changing the dental industry radically for dental practitioners and patients? Why do patients enjoy it? Can I integrate laser dentistry into my practice on a daily basis? Will it grow my practice, will I stand out and generate more earnings for my time? What are these laser dentists really achieving? Find out all at this workshop and try a laser for yourself.

Participants will test the BIOLASE 940nm Diode Laser, the popular award-winning Epic X.

The workshop also qualifies you to further laser training through the World Clinical Laser Institute, followed by the opportunity to do the WCLI exam for Associate Fellowship Certification.

- Why use a laser and not stick to traditional tools only
- How the different types of lasers work
- How to integrate laser dentistry into your practice - on a clinical and financial level
- Laser applications in Perio and Periimplantitis treatment
- Endodontic treatment (cleaning and disinfection)
- Surgical procedures (eg. gingivectomy, frenectomy, biopsy)
- Other treatments (eg. apthous ulcers, cold sores, troughing, coagulation, dry-sockets, teeth whitening, de-bonding cemented crown/veneers, etc.)
- The important aspects on deciding which laser to purchase - wavelength, versatility, training, support and marketing
- Hands-on: Delegates will test the lasers, diode and erbium, hands-on

Seaview Calodyne Hotel, Mirabelle Avenue, Coastal Road, Calodyne Mauritius

Rs. 1950 per dentist / specialist
Rs. 1200 per hygienist / assistant / office staff / student
Includes Certificate, Refreshments and Snacks

Contact Lindi on +27 84 405 8025

Limited to 10 delegates - Booking Essential

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Mirabelle Avenue, Coastal Road
19 April , Thursday 15:00

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