Make Peace With Food & Your Body

Have you been dieting for years, trying to ‘fix’ your body by restricting food & using extreme exercise to punish your body each time you ate something that wasn’t on the meal plan?
What if I showed you that it is possible to bring a sense a calm back into your life?
There is a lot of talk around

about Body Love but if you’ve been hating your body for decades that’s a big leap so how about we start with your first steps towards Body Acceptance. Now that sounds more achievable doesn’t it?
Imagine a life that is focused on something other than - what can you eat next, do you have enough calories left today to have that doughnut that you are really craving, spending hours in the supermarket reading all the food labels & doing exercise you hate. If you made peace with your body & food, you would have so much time & energy for other things.
More time with your loved ones - More time relaxing - More time having fun?
In this workshop I will explain 5 benefits of accepting your body just as it is.
I will also share:
• Why most of us believe that our bodies need to be ‘fixed’
• Why believing you need to ‘fix’ your body isn’t your fault
• Tips to quieten the critical voice in your head that says you aren’t good enough as you are
• Common causes of binge eating & cravings along with simple strategies to avoid these
• 5 simple non-food strategies that will improve your general health
• How to say goodbye to food deprivation, guilt, shame & punishing exercise
• How to embrace joy, pleasure & fun in your life once more
If this appeals to you then it’s time to ditch the diet culture & join me in this workshop.
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Earlybird booking available now for $25

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08 April , Sunday 13:00

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