MACH 1 - The Motorbike Festival

What's it all about?
Krypton Factor clue-based, treasure hunt. Easy riding to hard-to-find places. All done within a radius of 35 miles. 10 points for a hard clue, 1 point for a cake and cappuccino! It's not just about the winning!

26th - 29th May 2016

Machynlleth and mid Wales


do you get?
3 nights camping + free dining entertainment + astonishingly good clues + £1000 of prizes + trophies & medals + optional small group ride-outs.

Sort of pub quiz brainy and a lot of fun. At a certain GPS or 6 figure map reference you will find a prize - bottle of beer, brand new helmet? Go for it. Then it gets harder. The locations are hidden in the clues. Go to a cafe, check out the Q-code, scan it with your phone and you're hot on the trail. 1 point for a cappuchino, 1 for a bacon butty & 2 for getting the question right. Best photo of the day wins a prize. Best fancy-dress - defo ... Identify and photograph a subject the organisers set for you and win more points. The journey begins from your front door. At 8am on the start date a text message will be sent to every rider; it's a Scatter Rally and the clues start as soon as you turn your key. £1000 worth of prizes. Trophies for the winners; best bike, best custom, best paint-job, best trike, best team. Everyone gets a medal. Prize for best individual rider.

Solo or form a Team of Three?
1) One to do the clues, one to ride the bike, one to drink the tea & eat the cakes ... well, maybe:) 2) Create a name: how about the Blackpool Burpers, Nottingham Nit Wits, Surbiton Supermen, Luton Ladies or even the Kawasaki Klingons, Moto Guzzi Mentalists ... geddit? Keep it clean, bring your own soap.

What they say ...
"MACH 1 mixes brilliant biking in the fantastically quiet hill roads of mid-Wales and Snowdonia. Add superb family friendly biker-orientated entertainment - a guest speaker, film of the TT, a magician at your table whilst you dine in a discounted evening High Street restaurant or cafe. It's something incredibly very different. This is MACH 1, the new concept from Team Nick Sanders. The new concept of weekend-away biking."

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26 May , Thursday 18:00

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