MA-South Shore/Quincy: Q-Storming

Q-Storming is akin to brainstorming but can often times lead to better results. When we brainstorm, many ideas are generated and even in the best brainstorming session, eyes are often rolled, someone else says “We can’t do that; we tried it before” and others simply refuse to participate. Q-Storming

on the other hand, when done right, is non-threatening and non-judgmental. It is based on the premise that in order to get to the best solutions, we must ask the best questions. It can open up closed minds and lead to a fresh new approach of problem-solving.

The goal of Q-Storming practice is to generate as many new questions as possible. This is because one can only get the best answers and solutions by asking the best questions first. Typically, questions open thinking, while answers often close down thinking. Q-Storming empowers collaborative, creative and strategic thinking. It is a tool for moving beyond limitations in perception and thinking and advancing to novel and extraordinary solutions and answers. It is most often used when breakthroughs are sought in decision making, problem solving, strategic planning, and innovation.

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180 Old Colony Ave, Quincy MA 02170
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01 March , Tuesday 10:00