Love Stories of Transformation + Monthly Kava Lounge

"Love heals and has the power to change everything. When we open our hearts to love, we can live as if born again, not forgetting the past but seeing it in a new way.” – bell hooks

Join us for Railyard Apothecary's monthly kava lounge and a special February evening of sharing love stories of transformation.

Musical interludes by DJ Transplante.

Sharing stories is a time-honored way of relating with one another. We see ourselves in one another through stories. We invite you to gather in an intentional space to share or simply witness personal stories of how love can be transformational. Love stories are not limited to romantic love! There are many kinds of love, including familial love, compassion/kindness, friendship, self-love, etc.

What is your personal story of love? How is it transformed your life? The format is open-mic and we invite you to have the courage to tell your story. We have a few dedicated storytellers who will weave a tale of the love-filled moments, people, and events that were catalysts of change in their own lives. Sit back, sip kava, and steep in the good company of others.

Kava is an herb from the Pacific that relaxes mind and body, uplifts the mood and eases inhibitions. This and more will be available at our herbal mocktail bar.

Host/MC: Laura Hill
Music by DJ Transplante

$5 at the door

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270 Battery Street, 05401
24 February , Saturday 19:00

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