Leopard Mafia 5 year Anniversary

Thursday is LEOPARD DAY…. Release the beast and join the dance party extravaganza from 3 pm just now 10ish binnekring celebrate our 5th year of Leopard Mafia Thursday’s with the prowl. After sunset this fierce party prowl, hits the playa.

We are the purrrfcet mix of kitsch and bad ass ! Our sleek spotted

physiques come bearing gifts of dance floor antics and an all welcoming generosity.

~Bring your beautiful self dressed in your spotted best.
~Bring your dancing shoes and your good vibe mixed with a no nonsense Pantera attitude
~Bring you thirst as we will offer delicious cocktails.

Our beautiful body paint artists will be on hand. Along with our catwalk so you can strut your stuff.

If you have previously participated you understand the dynamic and joy infused power packed vibes we bring! If you haven’t it’s time to get involved.

There is nothing more light hearted ,sexy and fun than meeting up with a bevy of spotted beauties . Well ... maybe the only thing that tops that is actually BEING one of those spotted beauties!The magnificent exchange of playful and fierce energy we bring is like that of no other! Thursday is Leopard day ! You can’t beat us (we are high ranking carnivores beasts!) so it’s a wise choice to join us!

Experience us once and you will understand why something that was once a simple spark of an idea has spread to numerous events on different continents.

The connection is unmistakable! 5 years is a magic number for us!

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Binnekring Road, Tankwa Town, 7935
Cape Town
26 April , Thursday 15:00

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