Larry Klein Memorial Match Racing Championship - CA


2015 Thistle Midwinter West Regatta

February 4 - 6, 2016


Larry Klein Memorial Regatta

February 7, 2015

Thistle Fleet 13

Mission Bay Yacht Club

San Diego, CA

1.0 Organizing Authority: Thistle Midwinter West Regatta (MWW) and The Larry Klein Memorial Regatta (LK) are

organized by the Thistle Class Association (TCA) in conjunction with the Mission Bay Yacht Club, and have been sanctioned in accordance with the By-Laws of the TCA.

2.0 Rules: The Regattas will be governed by the "rules" as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, 2013-2016 Racing Rules (RRS), and the rules governing the (TCA) including the Constitution, By-Laws, and Specifications “class rules”, except as modified in the Sailing Instructions (SI) or Appendices to the sailing instructions.

3.0 Eligibility and Entry: The Regattas are open to boats and competitors meeting the eligibility requirements as described in the (TCA) rules. (All Skippers must be TCA members; all boats must be Registered and Dues Paid). Eligible participants should register in advance for either or both regattas by completing the Official MWW and LK registration and payment process as described in this Notice of Race. To register for the regatta and pay the registration fee, visit Registration, payment, and completion of measuring for MWW and LK must be completed prior to the respective regatta skipper’s meetings. The MWW entry fee is $165.00 ($150 for US Sailing Members). The LK entry fee is $30.00 ($20.00 for US Sailing Members). The MWW "Complete Package" fee of $387 will include: MWW and LK registration fees, 4 dinners (including banquet) for 3 people, and 3 regatta T-Shirts. Ala Cart ordering of meals and t-shirts is available through the online registration process on the Thistle Class web site (link above). There will be a $30 late charge for MWW if you register after JANUARY 24th, and you will not be able to receive regatta t-shirts. You may register by MAIL using the form found on the link above. Mailed registrations must be postmarked no later January 24th.

4.0 2015 MWW and LK Schedule:

February 3: 0800 – 1200 Boat Measurement

February 3: 1200 – 1500 Sailing Clinic and Practice Races

February 4: 0800 – 0930 Boat Measurement

February 4: 0930 MWW Competitor's Meeting (Flag Pole)

February 4: 1155 MWW Warning Signal for Race One (up to three races)

February 5: 1155 MWW Warning Signal for first race of the day (up to three races)

February 6: 1155 MWW Warning Signal for first race of the day (up to three races)

February 7: 0930 LK Competitor's Meeting (Flag Pole)

February 7: 1055 LK Warning Signal for Race One (up to six races)

4.1 The Race Committee may adjust the racing schedule and/or relocate the sailing area to suit weather conditions. On the last day of MWW, (February 6, 2016), no warning signal will be made after 1530. For LK, (February 7, 2016), no warning signal will be made after 1430)

5.0 Sailing Instructions: The Sailing Instructions will be available before the skippers meetings.

6.0 Racing: The sailing area for the MWW will be on the Pacific Ocean. In the unlikely event of weather conditions preventing safe competition on the Ocean course, the race committee may substitute Mission Bay as an alternate sailing area. The race committee has every intention of holding all MWW races on the ocean. The sailing area for the LK will be on Mission Bay San Diego, CA.

7.0 Registration and Measurement: At the time of measurement, valid certificates as required by Class Rules, and specifications must be completed. Measurement will include but not be limited to be: all up weight, J measurement, and safety equipment (flotation, paddle, PFDs, anchor and line, throwable, bailing bucket, and whistle).

7.1 Regatta volunteers will make efforts to complete measurement of entries. Please help these volunteers by accomplishing measurement during the following schedule.

Wednesday February 3 0800 hours until the start of the practice races

Thursday February 4 0800 hours until the start of the competitor’s meeting

8.0 Scoring: (MWW) Boats will be scored in accordance with Appendix A of the RRS as modified by the following statements. One race completed constitutes a regatta. After the first day of racing, the fleet will be divided equally. The upper half will be the Championship Division and the lower half the Presidents Division. In the case of an odd (non-even) number of entries, the President Division shall have one more boat than the Championship Division. In the event of a protest, or request for redress affecting the division splits, the decision of the protest committee will be final and is not subject to appeal.

8.1 The Championship Division will retain 50% of their scores from the first day’s races. All races will count. There will NOT be a throw out. This is a change to Appendix A

8.2 The Presidents Division will lose their accrued points from the first three races. The Presidents Division competitors will begin the remainder of the races with the highest placed boat in the lower division being given one point, the second highest boat being given two points and so on for each boat in the Presidents Division. They then will race the remaining races for their separate regatta. Although eventually there are two separate regattas being scored, the competitors will start and race as one group. Only scoring will be separate. All races will count. There will NOT be a throw out. This is a change to Appendix A. All rules apply to all competitors racing no matter what the competitors scoring division.

8.3 (LK) The Larry Klein Memorial Regatta shall be raced in accordance with the Low Point Scoring System of the RRS Appendix A as modified by the Class Rules. There will be no throw-outs. This is a change to Appendix A.

9.0 Awards: Awards will be given to the top 3 finishers in both Championship and Presidents Fleet (MWW) and the winner of the (LK).

10.0 Electronic Communication: Electronic Communication: From the time a boat leaves the dock until she has finished the last race of the day, returned to shore, or has been instructed to return to shore by the Race Committee, no electronic or electrical devices shall be used to gather information about conditions, monitor performance, communicate between boats, communicate sailing related information, or in any other way benefit or influence a boat’s racing. Communication in any form is permitted to request or to provide assistance in an emergency. Competitors may receive VHF radio transmissions from the Race Committee on a designated competitor’s channel concerning safety, race related announcements and general information to assist in the management of the event.

11.0 Insurance and Damages:

11.1 The Organizing Committee does not assume any responsibility of any sort regarding the participants and boats. Competitors should have their own insurance covering all risks.

11.2 RRS 68 DAMAGES is altered as follows. The following provisions shall govern the question of damages arising from a breach of any rule:

11.2.1 A boat that retires from a race or accepts a penalty does not, by that action alone, admit liability for damages.

11.2.2 A protest committee shall find facts and make decisions only in compliance with the rules. No protest committee or appeal authority shall adjudicate any claim for damages. Such a claim is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts.

11.2.3 A basic purpose of the rules is to prevent contact between boats. By participating in an event governed by the rules, a boat agrees that responsibility for damages arising from any breach of the rules shall be based on fault as determined by application of the rules, and that she shall not be governed by the legal doctrine of "assumption of risk" for monetary damages resulting from contact with other boats.

2016 MWW/LK Regatta Chairman: David Bloomberg,

Or contact for more information.

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1215 El Carmel Pl, 92109
San Diego
07 February , Sunday 10:00

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