In order to empower the individuals IEEE has the legacy of starting up congress worldwide on diverse scales. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel when IEEE has done it for you already. IEEE Karachi Section Student / Young Professional / WIE Congress, inspires scientists and engineers to intermingle,

share and discourse the way towards a better tomorrow. It is a platform for the students and fresh professionals to see how and where the world is developing and to arouse themselves to comprehend far-reaching answers, resulting in a better society. The IEEE is just not about the new ideas nor just focuses on learning, but it aims to connect the individuals with the world. KSYWC is an auspicious chance for individuals to enhance the networking of peer to peer, from an opening to encounter professionals and to make a better future ahead learn from their experiences. Be a part of IEEE and celebrate with KSYWC ’17, being an engineer!

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30 December , Saturday 09:00

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