KOR Social - VODKA

KOR Social - VODKA
Food bites by TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi

For April’s KOR Social, our host Elroy Tay invites you to indulge in some of the best Vodkas in the world. Our bartenders will be using these exquisite vodkas to create 5 cocktails paired with 5 food bites prepared by「 TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi

」. Yoji Tokuyoshi (德吉洋二) is a Michelin Starred, Japanese-Italian fusion chef most famous for his “Contaminated Italian Cuisine”.

四月份的 KOR Social 將為您呈現「頂級伏特加之夜」,搜羅四款世界上最傑出的伏特加,我們的調酒師將口味精緻醇厚的伏特加融合食材,完美創造出五種別具風情的調酒。食材由義大利米其林一星主廚德吉洋二(Yoji Tokuyoshi)為台灣饕客帶來獨創「被汙染的義大利料理」,與台灣在地食材擦出前所未見的味蕾火花。

Featured Vodkas 頂級伏特加:

• Crystal Head Vodka
- the diamond filtered Canadian artisan vodka 鑽石過濾加拿大伏特加
• Beluga vodka
- the Russian yachting victory vodka 世界帆船冠軍的俄羅斯伏特加
• Ving Vodka - Ultra Premium
- the Anti-Asian-Glow Californian kale vodka 抗臉紅的加州羽衣甘藍伏特加
• Tito's Handmade Vodka
- the “All-American” Texan corn vodka 全美國製造的德州玉米伏特加

Limited Seating 限量座位 - $2000 /guest
Dress Code: Smart Casual 半正式服裝

RSVP online 預定限量席位: goo.gl/EN3GQq

「KOR Social is a monthly gathering that allows our community to Experience & Enrich themselves with Rare Lifestyle Indulgences」

「KOR Social 是個每月的品味社群聚會,搜羅世界各地稀有的風格嗜好品,邀請你在日復一日的生活中,來場難得的味覺探險」

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忠孝東路四段201號5樓10690, 10690
11 April , Wednesday 19:45

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