Know Your (Renters) Rights 101

Sponsored by The Davis Renters' Alliance and The ASUCD Office Of Advocacy

Do you know that a landlord must give you your deposit back after 21 days with an itemized receipt?
Do you know it's illegal for a prospective landlord to ask you about your health, your immigration status or if you have children?

Do you know where you can get advice when you have a dispute with your landlord?

If you answer was "no" to any one of these questions before reading this page, then you should come to this training. We will give you the details and be giving away our free Davis Renters Rights Handbook.

We are taking submissions from other social justice groups for articles to go in the handbook on issues that intersect with housing. If you are interested email me at'll get a big audience!

Also. Sign our proacive rental inspection program petition!

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106 Wellman Hall
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18 February , Thursday 19:00