Kim Il sung's birthday & pyongyang marathon XL tour: 6 - 16 Apr

After Pyongyang International Marathon which will be held on April 8 explore most of the cities opened for tourists in central Korea. Celebrate 106th birthday of President Kim Il Sung on April 15 (the Day of the Sun). Enjoy extensive sightseeing program in Pyongyang, and Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) at the

border with South Korea, and visit International Friendship Exhibition in Mt.Myohyang. Join in Mass Dance of local students at one of the squares in Pyongyang and Hamhung, and visit unique Flower exhibition dedicated to ‘Kimilsungia’ and ‘Kimjongilia’ flowers.
Go to the East Coast and stroll down Wonsan city - the biggest port of the DPRK, enjoy unbelievable landscapes of Mt.Kumgang (“Diamond Mountain”) - one of the most beautiful mountains in Korea, and then visit the second biggest city of the DPRK - Hamhung.
*Pyongyang International Marathon - if you are an amateur or professional runner join in the race, or just stay in Kim Il Sung Stadium and enjoy the soccer game between local teams
* Trolley bus ride around the capital’s streets
* Mass Dance - famous dancing event with thousands of dancers. You will have a chance to see the Mass Dance in Hamhung and Pyongyang
* Great opportunity to visit Flower exhibition
* Kumsusan Palace of Sun - Mausoleum for president Kim Il Sung and for the leader Kim Jong Il
* Enjoy Mt.Kumgang (“Diamond Mountain”) - one of the most beautiful mountains in Korean Peninsula
* Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - inspect one of the most heavily militarized places on the planet. This strip of land divides South and North Korea
* Kaesong and Kaesong Schoolchildren’s Palace
* Hamhung - the second biggest city of the DPRK

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06 April , Friday 23:00

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