Killerwatts live in Belgrade

✩ Psychedelic Trance Serbia ॐ u saradnji sa IMAGO CUK - Centar Urbane Kulture sa ponosom predstavlja ✩
✩ Killerwatts(Nano Records) - Live ( First time in Serbia ) ✩
✩ Avalon(Nano Records) - Live
✩ DJ Tristan (Nano Records) - Live
✩ 4. Novembar 2017 - Hala sportova Novi Beograd ✩

✧ Dj Support ✧

Vuk Vučko Novaković ( Stara Škola )
✦ Nikola Kuzma Kuzmanovic ( Digital Chemistry )
✦ Damjan DC Golubovic ( Digital Chemistry )
✦ Miloš DC Đekić ( Digital Chemistry )

⁂ Tickets - TBA
☼ Lights, Decoration & Sound - TBA
✤ Nagradna Igra - Naravno kao i svaki put spremili smo vam nagradnu igru sa više nagrada nego bilo koji prošli put. Bićete obavešteni uskoro o detaljima:)


Avalon - Leon ‘Avalon’ is from London, Uk and is currently one of the biggest names and most in demand producers in the international psy-trance circuit today. His career started big, being signed up by major label Nano records.

Over the years he has collaborated and been remixed by the biggest artists in the genre such as Tristan, Astrix, Ace Ventura, Captain Hook, Cosmosis, Zen mechanics, Sonic Species, Ajja, Dick Trevor, Loud, Laughing Buddha and Symbolic to name a few.

In the past year Avalon has been busy touring the globe non-stop, playing at the biggest events, including Glastonbury, Ozora, Boom, Australia eclipse, Atmosphere, Time and space, Tribe, Xxxpereince, BAT, Antaris, Freedom Festival, Origin, and the list goes on.

Avalon has been making music for the last 10 years and has been behind many hits which pioneered a style within the genre. Having had 5 Beatport psy-trance number 1 hit’s and two number 1 selling albums. Avalon is one of the most sought after sounds and producers in the industry today. A new Avalon album is currently underway scheduled for release in 2016.

DJ Tristan - With a career as long as psy-trance has history, Tristan has been a constant in the ever-changing outdoor festival scene for many years. Playing at some of the most important festivals across the globe, Tristan and his music has a massive following of dedicated fans who love his full-on journeys of deep gurgling psychedelia. Tristan’s innate sense of the dancefloor and full power psychedelic moments place him in a league of only the very highest calibre of producer. Having collaborated with pretty much every other ‘big’ name in trance at some point and releasing 2 classic albums for the famed Twisted Records, Tristan has moved into a new arena, and is now fully onboard with the NANO Records family, who are currently blazing a trail through psy-dom with their passionate approach to good times and good music!

Tristan’s third album ‘Chemisphere’ is his most monstrous to date, and can be summed up by 3 letters: B-I-G !!! A newly re-kitted studio and his studying of the guitar has added some new flavours to Tristan’s signature sound, ensuring that all his fans will be utterly satisfied by these new offerings, clearly his best work to date.

This is the sound of summer, no holds barred psychedelic perfection, made for the dancefloor like only the big man can.

Killerwatts - Tristan and Avalon are two heavyweight Psytrance masters who combined forces in 2010 to form Killerwatts. Between them they have headlined most of the major Psychedelic festivals and clubs across the globe with their solo acts and now Killerwatts is joining the ranks. With two top charting albums under its belt, ‘Edge Of Time’ and ‘Blow Your Mind’ (which was also remixed by the very best artists in the scene to create ‘Blow Your Mind -The Remixes), as well as several successful collaborations, they have a live set that rivals the very best; with their awesome UK Psychedelic Full-On sound that never fails to set the dance floor on fire.

What started as a side-project of two legendary Psytrance producers, Killerwatts is now a fully-fledged phenomenon in its own right that stands shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names and is now constantly touring the world spreading its unique brand of Killerwatts Power.

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Pariske Komune, 11070
04 November , Saturday 22:00

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