Jump Back to '98,'99 when it all began

I was thinking the other day how when we were 16 there was so much to do and we always had a place to hang out it didnt matter if it was freezing cold or if it was hot as balls and non of us drove so we took the bus everywhere.
Every Friday night we went to Deja 1, and i'm pretty sure that's where we

all originally met.
I remember a few towns in particular..Franklin Sq, West Hempstead, Long Beach, Roslyn, Babylon, and West Islip.
i have many memories of LB it was our favorite place to go and we werent even going to the beach.
Now that i live in Babylon i pass the church that Cancer Sux was at that i went to with Evelyn, Jaime Ewing and Ryan.
There are so many memories that we all have and i just looked at my pictures and its pretty hillarious i need to scan them in
just thought id reach out bc some i havent seen in years, talked to or even thought of until just now.
im sure i have left some people out that im either not friends with on here or they just dont have it so add those people i missed.

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18 August , Saturday 06:00