July 3-8, 2016 Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Camp, plus the Adult Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Training

Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Camp (youth program) description and registration info: http://www.wolfcollege.com/youth/summer-overnight-camps/paleo-diet-weight-loss-lifestyle/

Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Training (adult program) description and registration info: http://www.wolfcollege.com/expeditions/summer/paleo-diet-lifestyle-training/


by the many requests we get to run a weight-loss camp over the years, Kim & Chris Chisholm recently developed the Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Camp in association with their close friends and neighbors, Clay & Ragan Masterson who are the most knowledgeable nutritionists, in-shape crossfit enthusiasts, and best culinary chefs (save for our Wilderness Chef Charlie Borrowman, also co-instructing this camp) we have ever met.

Paleo is so much more than a diet. Paleo is more than a trend. It’s more than a packaged treat you find labeled in the store.. Instead, it’s really an ancenstral lifestyle. It’s about looking at a modern environment through ancient wisdom. We don’t have to be a “reenactor” of ancestral life, we just need to bring back into our lives it what we really need. We need to figure out how to live in this modern zoo we call society, and create a more natural life for the best health.

Join us this week for more than fitness and weight-loss. Find out what Clay & Ragan did, not just to lose half their body weight through their Paleo Diet & Lifestyle, what they did to become so strong of mind, body and spirit. Ironically, they did it by bringing simplicity and balance back into their lives. They did it based on The Five Pillars of Paleo: simple food, simple exercises like walking, seeking serenity instead of stress, and making connections with family, friends, nature and community.

Travel back to the basics of what humans need with Clay, Ragan, Charlie, Kim, Chris and the rest of the Wolf Camp staff!

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21 August , Sunday 17:00

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