Jessica Puglie: the art of movement in space

triyoga shoreditch
open to all

In this workshop we will explore the power of gravity through different yoga poses, transitions and movement patterns, guiding and releasing the energy in the body to activate the relationship between the centre and the joints. We will emphasise the initiation of the

movement, from the centre to the extremity, letting the joints move organically using proprioception and intuition. Everything is connected, the body is covered by a connective tissue, known as fascia, so when one part of the body moves another one responds. The body is not a rigid skeleton with muscles and ligaments attached, it is a harmonious balance of tensile and compressive forces, opposite forces that hold all the structures together in a perfect balance. Like in everyday life every action creates a reaction and if we learn how to move from the centre without letting our mind anticipate and overthink, we make our life simpler. More functionality and less effort.

We will start with a breathing exercise and a dynamic warm up then move to yoga asana poses with transitions, movement patterns with circles and spirals and some optional “flying poses” (hand balances/inversions). The workshop is open to everyone. There will be plenty of variation for different levels and injuries and plenty of challenges for more experience practitioners…and lots of fun while experiencing and sensing!

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14 April , Saturday 14:00