Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike - Columbus, OH

Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike

22 km, with 22 kg, for the 22 vets who commit suicide everyday.

A 22km (13.6 mile) VETERAN's hike and pub crawl with 22kg on our backs throughout the Columbus area in silkies. *22kg packs and silkies are optional.

To get our veterans together, to put weight

on our backs and feel nostalgic, to laugh, to drink, to party, and remind us all that our camaraderie and brotherhood will never die.

Date and Time

Starts: Coming Soon

Ends: Coming Soon

Time and Routes
0900 -
1030 -
1200 -
1300 -
1400 -
1530 -
1730 -
1830 -
1930 -

After Party at Coming Soon

Uniform of the Day:

U.S. Marines: Green SILKIES, body/face paint and desert/combat boots.

U.S. Navy: Green/blue/black SILKIES, body/face paint,desert/combat boots. Corpsman, bring IVs filled with vodka/red bull.

U.S. Army: Green/black SILKIES, body/face paint, banana hammocks, body/face paint, desert/combat boots you can put a lot of weight and miles on, you can leave the gay reflective army belts at home.

U.S. Air Force: Green/blue/black/pink SILKIES, body/face paint, desert/combat boots...remember there is no air conditioning during the march because it's happening "outside".

U.S. Coast Guard: Turqoise/aquamarine/pink SILKIES with dolphin caricatures, body/face paint, desert/combat boots, prepare to hear Coastie jokes from your Navy brethren for the entirety of the march.

CIVILIANS: We appreciate all the love and support! We look forward to seeing you guys at our bar stops and at the final party. This is a no shit serious hump for over 8 hours with 22 kilos on our backs, at speed, in some serious temperatures. This is a time for us as veterans to re-live the times we once had, bond, get fucked up, and laugh at all the bullshit we used to deal with...


Backpack - The 22kg weight is optional.
Snacks, protein bars, fruit.
Camelback with water.
Sunscreen, hat.
For the families, friends, civilians, and supporters meeting us as the location:
Food, drinks, tables, chairs, sunscreen.


- To make 22kg, stuff 5 gallons of water and the rest of the shit that you want in your pack.
- For machine gunners - Make something that mimics the weight of a 240 golf on your back and we'll pass it around.
- Guidons will look great. Who's got the American flag? Marine Corps flag? Navy flag?
- Anybody with a moto voice remember cadences?

VERY IMPORTANT!!! We are in need female (preferably bikini clad) volunteers to apply body/face paint and sunscreen to some hardcore Marines and other service members at Starting Point.
Remember, it's all about "even coverage"...lather and repeat...lather. and. repeat.


- No weapons, weapon accessories, magazines, ammo, flash bangs, grenades, nuclear devices or other illegal arms (nunchucks and bo staffs are NOT acceptable).

- We will be going into bars and consuming alcohol, so even if you are licensed for concealed carry - LEAVE IT AT HOME...and I could give two fucks about "open-carry", if I see any moron with a rifle I will personally kick you in the nuts. This will be strictly enforced.
- No drinking open containers in public.

- No conversations about politics with strangers.

- No engaging anyone who makes negative comments to us.

- If there are any PTSD or emotional episodes everyone must rally to control the situation, help our bro, and protect the group from an early night.

- No getting so drunk that you lose your shit (just be cool bro).

- Do slam your beers quickly at the bars

- Do have your cash ready

- Do "check-in" on Facebook as we progress through the hike

- Do FLIRT with girls and invite them to party at LITTLE 5 POINTS later that night.

- Do whatever it takes to help a bro out.

- Do mumble the words "I love you" to a bunch of dudes you've
never met.

- Do bring CASH for drinks to help expedite each stop.

Please go to to donate. We are incredibly grateful for your donations and support, and we will express our gratitude by using your money to keep veterans alive and well.

Our mission is to prevent suicide and raise awareness on post traumatic stress (PTSD), and how to effectively help our veterans.
Irreverent Warriors bottom line: "put the gun back on safe, put it back on the nightstand, and stick around a bit longer." Semper Fi.

Please understand that the Silkies Hike is not about awareness, it's about prevention, because the connections and bonds that we make during the hike will become our support network for the rest of our lives. In order to prevent suicides, we have to support each other. This hike facilitates veterans bonding, connecting, and supporting each other.

If you would like to help us prevent veteran suicides through our veterans therapeutic events and entertainment, please donate to our Non-profit, Irreverent Warriors Inc. We are a California based public charity, with 501(c)(3) tax exemption. Your donations are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 47-4789126.

The Silkies Hike is the combined idea of medically retired Marine Capt. Donny O'Malley. We combine some of the things Marines love most: humor and silkies in his effort to prevention to a serious issue and bring awareness. We are bringing Irreverent Warrior’s Silkies Hike to Columbus, OH.

Semper Fi.

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27 August , Saturday 09:00

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