Invite to Surya Chiara Monro' s book launch (Bisexuality: Identities, Politics, and Theories)

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,
You are cordially invited to a
Author Surya Monro (University of Huddersfield)

Chiara Addis (Bi Activist)

Klesse (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Christina Richards (BiUK)
Matthew Waites (Glasgow University)
Angelia Wilson (Manchester University)

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"This is a must-read book for anyone in the field of sexuality. Not only is it the first academic book for years to deal with the woefully invisible topic of bisexuality, but it is also of much broader appeal given that it synthesises and integrates sexuality theories and research in a way that is both sophisticated and engaging. The global perspective of the book also sets it apart, and will provide a strong foundation for future scholarship and activism in this area to build on."
- Meg John Barker, The Open University, United Kingdom

About Bisexuality: Identities, Politics, and Theories:
Bisexuality has been largely erased from studies of sexuality and gender, and people who desire others of more than one gender often remain invisible. This book sets a new agenda for considering sexualities and genders, by focusing on the lives of people who are bisexual or who have other identities that are not heterosexual, lesbian or gay, in an international context. What are bisexual people's lived experiences? How can these be understood using social and political theories? What are the implications of bisexuality for future theorising and research? In addressing these and other questions, this book maps out under-explored territory. It does so by looking at topical themes, including sex and relationships, community, the commodification of bisexuality, and activism. The book also shows how understandings of bisexuality can usefully inform the social sciences in areas such as identity construction, social inequalities, postcolonial relations, and citizenship.

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29 January , Friday 19:30