Intuitive Healing & Guidance - with Soul Voice, Sound & Reiki (Private or Small Group)


INTUITIVE HEALING & GUIDANCE, with Soul Voice, Sound & Reiki

If you want to move beyond feeling stressed, ill, stuck and struggling and be gently guided to empowerment, improved health and awareness through a unique, intuitive inner journey, then book a session with Tracy today.


truly unique, personally tailored experience will take you on a journey to reconnect with your heart and soul allowing you to receive profound, deep level healing which goes beyond what mere words can describe. It can incorporate a symphony of light & sound which weaves "Soul Light Languages" around tinkling crystal bowls, chimes and proven energy healing techniques or more cognitive holistic approaches to support you through change and challenges. Either way you can experience deep transformation from the inside out.

Some results from Tracy’s sessions have included:
• Improved sleep
• Lower blood pressure
• Released stress and tension
• Reduced & removed chronic pain and illness
• Gentle release of grief, anger and “others baggage”
• Increased confidence, clarity and vitality
• Connected to heart & soul
• Increased intuition
• Feeling loved, understood and supported

“I was guided to see Tracy, at first unsure why. After the session I realised I had been holding onto so much hurt and pain it was making me physically ill and I was able to release so much pent up “stuff” without having to talk about it. All I can say is it’s a unique experience which really does work on all levels. Highly recommended.” Ann, Business Director

You have the choice to start gently clearing the past, mastering the present and creating the future you long for.

Take this amazing opportunity to create change while Tracy is in Australia, as her next sessions take place in Malaysia, February 2016.

For details and bookings, please call: 0497 507 211

50% donated to: Student & Community Educational Development Projects in Nepal, est. 2010.

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Mount Gambier
16 January , Saturday 10:00

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