Intro To Dr. Kat's Trauma Release Yoga Wellness Program

This is Dr. Kat Bowie. I am excited to share with you information about a new program I have put together and to invite you to an exclusive 90 minute presentation on my newest workshop series: The Trauma Release Yoga™ Wellness Program. I've offered this Intro twice in March and this will be the last

intro prior to the Course Starting on APRIL 14th.

As a Clinical Psychologist and Body-Psychotherapist, I have always striven to increase my knowledge and ability to help others through psychotherapy and teaching. I have certifications as a Reiki Master in 2 different traditions, as well as certifications as both a Live and Whole Food Consultant and Wholistic Energy Practitioner. I am certified as a yoga teacher. Over the past few years I have focused more and more on spiritual endeavors and have deepened my studies of the Yoga Sutras. I have studied and taught several types of meditation for decades. In the last two years I have focused more and more on trauma and how it affects the body and brain.

What I am most excited about, is that I have brought this lifetime of information together in a 12-month long program of healing. The 12-month long program is divided into 3 Modules of 4 months each. Each month includes a full-day workshop to educate and help students understand how trauma has affected their brains and bodies, and how yoga, nutrition, psychology, and meditation can heal these effects. Additionally, a 90-minute weekly yoga and meditation session is taught. Participants will also be given Reiki I, II, and III/Reiki Master attunements and training throughout the year-long program.

When we have early childhood trauma, all areas of our lives are affected. We may experience sleep disruptions, eating disturbances, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, difficult interpersonal relationships, or difficulty in experiencing joy, love, or happiness. We may have difficulty thinking clearly or being organized. We may feel tired, restless, or chronically stressed. All of these areas are impacted by early trauma. The Trauma Release Yoga™ Wellness Program is designed to specifically target these concerns.

I hope that you will be able to attend this gathering and that you will share this information with others. This is something completely new in the Kansas City area. I am so very excited and hope that you will consider joining me for the introduction of the Trauma Release Yoga™ Wellness Program to the community. This is the program I feel I have studied all of my life to bring into being and I cannot wait to share a taste of this incredible information with you.

To know more about this program, please visit my website:

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8301 Stateline Road Suite #202 Kansas City, MO 64114
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07 April , Saturday 10:00