Instagram 101 for Busy Entrepreneurs

Coming at you AGAIN!

This New&Improved workshop is back due to high demand! Meet Suzanne Hampson, owner of The Bar Wellness & Fitness, at The Bar for this awesomely creative & easy to understand workshop.

If you have a business or are thinking of starting one, you will want to be at this workshop...

DO NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE DO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA... YOUR business is YOUR baby & as an entrepreneur I understand that... are you willing to leave your business in the hands of someone who doesn't know the blood/sweat/tears/joy that goes into doing what YOU do?!?

You might think that social media takes alot of time that you just don't have but it doesn't have to!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

At this basic workshop we will focus on:
*what is Instagram
*why use it
*what is a hashtag
*posting apps
*growing your following organically
*how to strategize to target your audience
*tips, tricks, etiquette and faux pas

+ we do ask for a minimum donation of $5.25 which will go towards the purchase of a cuppa booch for you to sip on while enjoying this workshop!

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5105-50 Avenue, T4H1P5
24 May , Thursday 17:30

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