INSPR. Haiti Art Yoga & Fitness Retreat

INSPR. welcomes you to the official Eventbrite page for our upcoming Art, Yoga, and Fitness retreat taking place in the beautiful Petion-Ville, Haiti. We hope that this page provides all the details needed for you to join us, however, if there are any lingering questions please feel free

to contact the host Dorvilier Olivier by email:
This retreat is designed to expose you to the beauty of one of Haiti’s more artistic and mountainous regions while elevating and pushing your body to new heights.

With Petion-Ville as our backdrop, guess will have the opportunity to visit 3 art galleries including the Munpanah Museum. As our guest, we will provide safe transportation by bus to the different locations.

During this retreat, we are honored to be joined by yoga instructor Eazy. Through his expert instruction, guests are welcomed to find a higher sense of calm through meditation, push their perceived limits through a range of yoga poses, and more.

Whether you are new to yoga or on your way to mastering the practice, Eazy is excited to tailor each session to fill the needs of all in their classes.

Summer bodies are made in the winter and if you have struggled with finding a workout routine all year, at our retreat you will have the opportunity to get your body tuned, define, and sculpt.
Our certified fitness instructor, Mackendy Louis, is knowledgeable in various cross fit techniques and is ready to help you get your body moving. It's an honor to have her be a part of this adventure and you will be sure to enjoy the fitness classes she will be hosting.

Between the yoga with Eazy as well as the sweat sessions with Mackendy Louis, how will you relax aside from simply witnessing the beauty of Haiti’s scenic views and art scene?
Not to worry, Tim Grae of Grae’s Massage Therapy will be on site ready to work out those sore muscles, joints, and knots. He has been the therapist for several athletes, fitness instructors, acting cast members, and much more. His services will be available to you throughout this great journey and we couldn't be more thankful.

As you can see we have pulled together a great group of instructors to make your Haiti Retreat one of the greatest you ever will experience. Not only is the location extremely beautiful and elegant, but you'll have the opportunity to learn and take from this journey true life lessons. We hope that your interest in the retreat has been organized to your best expectations.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the organizer Dorvilier Olivier via email at and he will be sure to answer anything that comes to mind. Thank you for your interest and we hope to enjoy this wonderful experience with you.
INSPR. Art Yoga & Fitness Retreat Haiti

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11 March , Sunday 17:00

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