India: Passage To The North East - Nagaland

India: Passage To The North East - Nagaland

A Journey to India’s North-Eastern States is a romantic adventure in the best traditions of travel and adventure. Cut off for years, Nagaland was only opened to visitors very recently. The ‘Peoples of the Hills’ came to exemplify an exotic society and their

lands are a region of green hills and verdant valleys where much of the terrain remains forested, and towns and villages perch picturesquely on hill tops. A vibrant, incomparable cultural heritage remains imbued in the isolated Naga Hills to entice the traveller.

You’ll explore the great cultures of India, beginning in Kolkata, but the highlight of this Journey will be your encounter with all the remote Naga tribes united for one massive extravaganza—the Great Hornbill Festival. Brimming with music, vibrant dances, games, and colourful ceremonial attire, including decorated spears, beaded textiles and ivory armlets, elaborate headgear of woven bamboo festooned with flowers, boar's teeth and hornbill feathers, your eyes and cameras will capture the splashes of mesmerizing colour and the exuberant atmosphere of this visual feast. It’s a kaleidoscope of the cultural diversity of Nagaland.

We understand that travel isn't all about a fleeting glimpse of popular mass tourist spots, or staying at luxury hotels, but is also about time, space, privacy and those special destinations and moments that turn your holiday into a truly magical experience. Passage to the North East is a tour for everyone wanting to see India on roads less travelled and explore new horizons rarely encountered. With our innovative itinerary, our top-notch experts, and a thriving network of resources throughout these states, we have the privilege of offering you exceptional travel experiences. There is nothing quite like seeing places through the eyes of someone who knows them intimately and cares about them passionately. We take care of the details so you can relax, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the wonder of India’s remote North Eastern States.

Passage to the North East will be led from Australia by Ruth Flaherty, an experienced Arts educator, textile artist and currently Academic Tutor, Flinders University’s Faculty of Education. Ruth is an experienced Tour Director, recently leading the highly successful Journey Touched by the Gods: The Gujarati Legacy (see facebook - Zen Gujarat 2017, and our website).

This Journey is limited to 10 travellers, so register your interest early to receive advance information about this unique opportunity by sending an email to:

This journey is currently under construction.

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14 November , Wednesday 17:00

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