Immigrants Rights Movement -Social Justice and Activism

Thursday, March 31, 2016

6:00PM-7:00 PM
322 McGuffey Hall

Dr. Kevin Andrew Escudero, Keynote Speaker
“‘Obama Escucha, Estamos en la Lucha’: Civil Disobedience in the Immigrant Rights Movement”

About the keynote speaker

Dr. Kevin Escudero’s teaching and scholarship examines the political activism

of undocumented immigrant youth and their use of the law as a tool. He is currently a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow in American Studies at Brown University (2015-17) and will begin as an Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnic Studies in July 2017. Dr. Escudero holds a Masters in Studies of Law degree from Yale Law School (2015) and a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from U.C. Berkeley (2014). His research interests include Immigration and citizenship; law and society; comparative racial and ethnic studies; and social movements. His article “Organizing While Undocumented: The Law as a ‘Double EdgedSword’ in the Movement to Pass the DREAM Act” was published in the crit – A Critical Legal Studies Journal (2013). His current book manuscript, Organizing While Undocumented: Intersectional Movement Identities in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston, is expected for submission in November 2016.

8:00PM-9:00 PM
322 McGuffey Hall

Latino Futures: Student Presentations and Roundtable Discussion with Local Activists and Latino Studies Scholars
Dr. Hannah Noe, moderator

Inspired by the cross-racial coalition building of Chávez and Dolores Huerta, groups of students from the course “LAS/AMS 315: The Latin American Diaspora: Latinos in the Midwest” will present small group research projects (5-10 min. each) and then engage in a dialogue with scholars and local activists on the historical legacy of building alliances across racial/ethnic lines and even national borders when it comes to social justice campaigns, including immigrant and refugee rights, police brutality, labor rights, and environmental racism.

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