(IET F2) Nutritional Assessment-Applied Kinesiology: Wisdom of the Equine B

Nutritional Assessment-Applied Kinesiology: Wisdom of the Equine Body
Equine Therapy CoursesNutritional Assessment & Applied Kinesiology: Wisdom of the Equine Body hands-on 2-day clinic Students will learn:
How to access the "Wisdom of the Body®" using Applied Kinesiology and Osteopathy techniques.

Nutritional Assessment to determine what horses should eat.
To accurately determine the nutritional needs of the horse and understand which foods are healthy and which foods are allergenic or toxic to horses.

Nutritional Assessment & Applied Kinesiology: Wisdom of the Equine Body is the second course in the Integrated Equine Therapies Certification Program. Each foundational clinic builds upon the previous clinic and it is important to take each course in order. Students interested in becoming certified in the Integrated Equine Therapies will need to complete all 3 clinics and enroll in the Certification Program. This clinic is suitable for veterinarians and all equine professionals. Techniques taught in this clinic will increase your skill set and enhance your effectiveness.

Clinic Tuition: $459

Attend: Melding with Equus Clinic
and the Melding with Equus; Healing Lameness in Horses DVD

Clinic Overview
Nutritional Assessment - What Can Your Horse Really Eat?
Equine nutrition and worming demystified
A deeper looking into Organs: A principle cause of lameness in the horse suffering from “Visceral Somatic Dominance.”
Accessing "The Wisdom of the Body," Applied Kinesiology and Osteopathy
Polarity Switching
Organ assessment in four different way and clearing with acupressure
Food and supplement testing
Accurately determining toxic foods, supplements and additives — experience immediate effects on organ systems and movement patterns.
Applied Kinesiology
Learn to assess and manage the body's innate intelligence to obtain answers to issues that are often unattainable by modern allopathic methods.
Learn "Muscle Testing" skills to focus on problem areas
Learn powerful "Pain Reflex Points" to access organ, bone, and soft tissue dysfunctions
Locate bone, muscle, ligament, and tendon strains
Locate organ dysfunctions and determine methods of treatment.

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23 January , Saturday 09:00