Human Rights Defenders on Trial for Denouncing Torture - Attend Second Publ


December 17, 2015 Mrs. Marie Daunay and Mr. Wadih AL-ASMAR (President and Secretary General of CLDH) will appear before the Publication Court for second public session in an investigation that started in March 2011. Mrs Daunay and Mr. Al-Asmar could face up to one

year in jail or a fine.

The case is based on a complaint filed by the leader of the Amal Movement and head of the Lebanese Parliament against CLDH, following the publication on February 10, 2011 of a report titled “Arbitrary Detention and Torture: The Bitter Reality of Lebanon”, denouncing alleged torture practices perpetrated by Lebanese security services. In one paragraph, the report mentions testimonies of arrests by Amal Movement.

In the presence of NGOs and diplomats, including representatives of the European Union and the United Nations, the first public court session of the trial was held on March 17 at the Publication Court of Baabda presided over by Judge Elias Khoury who said he would render his judgement on June 11.

If you believe in the principle of Freedom of Expression and Information, and more generally in Human Rights, you may like to attend the court session, and join us on Thursday at Baabda Palace of Justice - Publication Court.

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Baabda Palace of Justice - Publication Court
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19 April , Tuesday 10:00