How to write and publish research

This condensed workshop aims at teaching you how to write your research paper in a quality that meets the standards of publication in international peer-reviewed journals.

1- Parts of a biomedical scientific research paper and how to write (introduction, methods, discussion, results)

2- What to do and not to do in scientific writing
3- Standard reporting guidelines of Biomedical Research
4- Requirements of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
5- How to select a suitable journal for your manuscript
6- How to write a cover letter to the Editor
7- How to respond to reviewer comments

- The workshop is suitable for researchers on all academic levels (Master's students, PhD students, Faculty members, Clinicians, and Pharmacists, Independent researchers)
- Undergraduate students beyond their 2nd year who are interested in research can participate

- Mr. Ahmed Negida
- Biography: Ahmed Negida is the founder and chairman of Medical Research Group of Egypt. He is a fifth-year medical student with the highest international publication record for a medical student in the history of Egypt. Despite his young age, he has >40 international publications and three years of diverse research experience with researchers within Egypt and worldwide. Moreover, he acts as a reviewer and editor in many international peer-reviewed journals. In his spare time, he gives research workshops to researchers and doctors. Since 2014, he has taught >400 researcher through his workshops in different Egyptian governorates and universities. He is widely involved in clinical research designing, medical statistics, scientific writing, and evidence synthesis.
- Additional links about the instructor:
1- His papers on PubMed:
2- His Google scholar account:
3- His academic website and CV:
4- On ResearchGate:

- Saturday 18 November 2017
- Duration: one day
- From 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM
- Setting: Career Gates, El-Mesaha Square, Dokki, Egypt

# NO certificates or credits are awarded (The aim of MRGE workshops is to build the capacity and skills of Egyptian researchers and to exchange experience; MRGE does not issue any credits or certificates for the such courses).

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13 El Mesaha Street, Dokki
18 November , Saturday 09:00

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