Homeward Bound Pug Rescue Meet & Greet

The Pug is one of the oldest breeds known today, believed to have originated before 400 BC. There is somewhat of a debate over the origin of the Pug. Most researchers agree that the Pug originated from Asia, descended from a shorthaired Pekingese. Another theory is that it is the result of crossing a

small Bulldog, while others speculate that it is a miniature form of the French Mastiff ( Dogue de Bordeaux). The artist Hogarth had a Pug named "Trump" that he often depicted in his works. The breed became popular during Victorian times in the 19th century. Tibetan monasteries kept Pugs as pets. The breed made its way to Japan and Europe, where it not only became a pet of royalty but the official dog of the House of Orange in Holland. Prince William II owned Pugs. One dog in particular was said to have saved his life in 1572 at Hermingny, when the dog barked at approaching Spaniards alerting him of their presence. In France, Napoleon's wife Josephine had a Pug named Fortune. On their wedding night, when Napoleon refused to allow the dog to sleep in their bed, Josephine told him, "If the Pug does not sleep in our bed, neither do I!" When Josephine was sent to prison she used the little dog to send secret messages to her husband by placing a note under the collar of her Pug. In 1860 when the British took over the Chinese Imperial Palace, they discovered several Pugs and Pekingese, and the dogs were brought back to England with them. The AKC recognized the Pug in 1885. Some of the Pug's talents include: watchdog and performing tricks.

The Pug is keen, with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Animated, peppy and spirited, it is loyal, loving and affectionate with its family. Playful, lively and rambunctious, it is sure to keep you laughing. Highly intelligent, it bores easily without variety in its training. Pugs are sensitive to the tone of your voice, so harsh punishment is unnecessary. They need an owner who is calm, yet firm, confident and consistent with the rules. This dog is neither excitable nor dull. They are good watchdogs, very devoted and are not yappers. Pugs get along well with other dogs and pets, and they behave impeccably with both children and visitors. The Pug is good for apartment life. It is relatively inactive indoors and will do okay without a yard. Cannot withstand hot or cold weather and should be kept indoors at a comfortable temperature.

About Homeward Bound Pug Rescue & Adoption of Oklahoma from their website:

Homeward Bound was officially formed in 2003. We are an all volunteer, not for profit organization dedicated to the Pug breed. We want to give every unwanted Pug in Oklahoma and neighboring states a second chance. Our mission is to place Pugs that have been surrendered, abandoned, or abused into loving and caring forever homes.

Homeward Bound will accept each and every Pug: mixed, ill, elderly, alpha, all ages, all sizes and colors - any Pug needing a home. We never turn a Pug away. For us, this is the essence of Pug rescue - to truly rescue Pugs. We frequently save Pugs from high-kill shelters as well as accepting owner relinquishments. We will gladly send updates on the Pug after placement if requested by the original owner.

Upon receiving a Pug, they are placed in foster care with dedicated volunteers. Evaluation and veterinary care are included. Many dogs come through Homeward Bound with heartworms, elongated soft palate, eye problems, and other health issues.

We neither breed nor do we show pugs. Our mission differs from most breeders and show people for whom the primary focus is on conformation to the breed standard and competition. At Homeward Bound, our mission is to see to it that every Pug in need finds a loving home.

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2911 W Britton Rd, 73120
Oklahoma City
17 January , Sunday 13:00

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