Homesteading - session 3 of 4

With Spring around the corner, the time has come to start thinking about and preparing to raise and grow your own food. The most important part of homesteading is not what or where you grow and raise your own food but how to do so without becoming overwhelmed.

This series of 4 workshops will cover

much of what you will need to consider when homesteading. The workshops can be taken individually or all four.

The topics of workshops will be as follows:
1. Poultry, geese, ducks: feeding, shelter, caging, management, predators, time to lay/dispatch

2. Rabbits, Goats, Sheep, Pigs: feeding, shelter, caging, management, predators, time to lay/dispatch

3. Dispatching: The different humane methods of dispatching the animal in question. For those not interested in doing the dispatching other options will be discussed. The legal implications of dispatching will be explored as well.

4. Vegetable Gardening: How much, where, how and what

These workshops will be conducted by Christine Lannaman and Rick Binney, who grow and raise much of their own food.

Sessions will be $10 per person or $30 for all four

Please register by email or by calling 506 467 9905.

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Ganong Nature Park
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07 April , Saturday 10:00