Hike&Heal - Escape to the French Alps

•••3 girls sharing passion for yoga, massage, hiking, reflecting, being part of different communities and eating nutritious and delicious vegetarian food met in India...And this is what it has become!•••

•Through Hike&Heal we wish to create an intricate community, in which you can disconnect from the

world, slow down, become one with nature and have time for reflection.

•The fresh mountain air is the best for the soul. The daily yoga classes will help alleviate stress, while hiking with like-minded people gives you the time and space for you to focus on self-healing, reboot your brain, bring some positive energy into your life and hopefully find some sunshine!

•Mornings: before Lilla’s colorful breakfast we’ll focus on yoga with Maya whilst enjoying the serenity of the surrounding woodland.

•During the day: we will train our muscles and brain while discovering lovely hikes.

•Late afternoons: before filling up our stomach with Maya’s most amazing and delicious vegetarian dinner, we’ll 'travel to India' with Lilla’s mantra and pranayama classes.

•Evenings: we will enjoy the open fire, reflecting back on our day or having a bit of quiet time if that’s what is needed.

•During chill time: we will have the opportunity to get massages from Diana, who went all the way to Thailand to learn these skills

•Our hope is that spending a week with us in the French Alps will give you the opportunity to overcome any negative thoughts, to be more present and to reconnect with your daily life in a happier and healthier way.

•Places are available from 650 EUR

•Location: http://www.chaletgilbert.com/

•If Hike&Heal is something that appeals to you don't hesitate to contact Lilla on hikeheal@gmail.com for further information about daily schedule, how to get here and pricing.

Lots of hugs,

Lilla & Maya & Diana

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17 April , Tuesday 14:00

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