HeroClix: Assassination Plot!

The enemy has hired a Skrull assassin to tip the balance into their favor. As you approach the battlefield, you bring along your own assassin in hopes to tip the scales into your own favor.

Will the assassins turn the tide?

Points: 400 Modern

Team Build (Secret Assassin)
Before the game begins, choose

one member of your team as the Assassin, but don't tell anyone. Instead, identify that figure by writing it on a piece of paper, and leave it face down.

Assassin's Ability
"Assassin" characters have the Assassin's Strike special ability as defined on the card.

Counter Assassin Ability
All characters (including the Assassin) have the Counter Strike ability.
•Clarification: When using the Counter Strike ability, the Assassin's identity is not revealed if you miss the attack.
•Bonus Points: If you successfully KO the Assassin with the Counter Strike ability, you get double victory points for that character.

Players may register for this event at the Wizkids Info Network; http://win.wizkids.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=224237

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45 Keltic Drive, B1S 1P4
14 December , Thursday 18:30

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