Hanoi Gift Show 2018 - International Arts and Crafts Exhibition

The Hanoi Gift Show 2018 is an annual event held in October in the capital Hanoi - Vietnam, attracting the attention of a large community of arts and crafts exporters and importers in domestic and foreign market. The goal of our exhibition is to bring the best opportunities for handicraft, home decor,

gift enterprises to meet, establish relations with buyers, importers, traders from abroad. The organizer invites buyers from all over the world to visit and trade at the fair.
The Hanoi Gift Show 2018 with the scale of 650 booths of about 250 handicraft enterprises in Vietnam and some countries in the world. It is estimated to attract around 12000 visitors. There will be main product groups at he fair including:
- Handicraft and home decoration products ( lacquerware, pottery, bamboo...)

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Số 01 Đỗ Đức Dục
17 October , Wednesday 08:00

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