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I'm just a little Point of land about a half hour south of Perth in Western Australia, but i've got quite a few things going for me.
For one thing, i'm home and feeding grounds to the Little Penguin.
You might thinks that's not much, just a little penguin, but it's creatures like the Little Penguin

that keep our world in balance!

Show your support by downloading and having your photo taken with one of our posters, and maybe even say a few words about how you'd prefer to see a Coastal Park at Cape Peron, rather than yet another smelly canal housing development!
Send them in through this page, we'll generate them to the appropriate ministers of government, they love to see input from us public, it's what they were elected for :)

p.s. if you don't have a printer, open the pic on an iPad, laptop, or even a phone, and take your pic holding that up.

A Coastal Park along the design of Kings Park, something for the people, that's what we need!
Something to show our children, something we can say hey, I helped save this little bit of land ... just for you! :)

Send us your photos and your support, we need to join together to show them that we love our country, and we don't want them to tear up the very best bits for houses :(

Also please visit our main pages at:
Hands Off Point Peron
Cape Peron Coastal Park
Find out more about what's happening to our Cape, on the Point in Rockingham, Western Australia!

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Point Peron Road, Peron, 6168
01 January , Sunday 00:00

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