Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Screaming Bridge & Hell’s Gate

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Join us as we lead you on a paranormal investigation at the infamous Screaming Bridge and Hells Gate in Arlington TX.


legend goes that one night a car full of kids were driving too fast coming up to the bridge, and hit an oncoming car. Both cars caught on fire and crashed into the river, killing everyone involved. The road and bridge have since been closed and can now only be accessed by walking through the park, which most people try at night. But, they say the dates and names of those who died can be seen glowing in the river late at night. ((Shiver)) People have also witnessed lights on the bridge, as well as mystic fog and strange feelings. Yeep!

There is a trail at River Legacy that leads up to two old fence posts. It is said that the gate which used to stand there was the last thing captured Union soldiers saw before being hanged during the Civil War. Some say you can hear the sobs of those soldiers as you approach Hell’s Gate. Others say you see a redheaded man in a Confederate uniform standing guard there.

Like the screaming bridge, people feel quite uneasy while visiting this spot and have felt the sensation of someone watching them, weird sounds and sometimes voices. Once again, this phenomenon is said to be better when visiting Hell’s Gate at night, which you’ll be doing at both of these locations!!

Paranormal investigation class
Full night of ghost hunting with the team
Use of our equipment which includes, dowsing rods, trigger objects, and EMF Meters,
Free time to investigate for as long into the night as you want!
Psychic in attendance
Snacks and drinks provided all night!
Are you brave enough to investigate these unique and very active haunted locations? Book now to avoid disappointment!

Those 18 and under need accompanying by an adult! No alcohol is allowed and anybody under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be asked to leave and their booking fees lost.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is held within park and woodland, so please wear appropriate footwear and be aware there will be some hiking involved.

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02 November , Friday 19:00

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