Greening the Desert: Building a Greenhouse

During this journey you will be assisting the local community in construction of a Solar bath/ Greenhouse. The volunteers will participate in the actual construction of the solar bath and the set up of a solar water geyser (Evacuated Tube Condenser) or a greenhouse and will be assisted by a dedicated

team of a qualified mason and representative from Ecosphere. The activity will entail physical work. The construction period will be 7 to 8 days. The trip is intermixed with work and pleasure. During this trip you will also be visiting some of the highest villages in the world, going on a high-altitude trek, visiting some ancient monasteries dating back to over a 1000 years and take a yak/horse safari and mountain bike if interested. Traditional homestays further enrich the experience by giving one an authentic understanding of the life and culture in a Spitian home.

Key features: Volunteering on projects mitigating the impacts of climate change, Homestays, weekend excursions, learning the basics of mud construction and the benefits of mud building

Note: You will arrive in Delhi on 23 June.

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08 June , Friday 18:00

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