Gift Markings and Heart Lines Class


You are invited to join us for another deep dive into The Design of our Hands.

In this two day immersive workshop where we look at YOUR hands and what they want us to know and then to embody.

Over 2 full days we will be learning all about Gift Markings and Heartlines.


will cover every gift marking and heartline in the hands.

You will find out exactly what Gift Markings you have and also your very own Heart line and how to express, embody and become Empowered with the wisdom right in front of you.

PS: If you are a Level 1 Hand Analysis student then this will add deeper meaning for your clients and for yourself in regards to your Life Purpose readings.

PPS: If you have not done Level 1 – then that is totally fine as you can still join this class and discover this wisdom in your hands.


Date: 15th – 16th SEPTEMBER 2018

Investment: $997

All materials and lunches provided

Gift Markings

One category of line formations in hands is called Gift Markings. These markings represent extra potential talents. If you have one, it is a very BIG deal. If you have more than one, it’s an even bigger deal.

What is a Gift Marking?

Gift Markings are line formations on the palms or

Gift Markings identify Extra Potential

There are 18 distinct Gift Markings that can appear in a person’s

Approximately 10-15% of the general population has some type of Gift

Each individual Gift Marking may appear on as little as 1-2% of the

Multiples of an individual Gift Marking on your hands may put you in 1% or less of the

Each Gift Marking is to be considered a central focus of your life in addition to the fingerprints identifying your Life Purpose, your DNA marking your soul agreement.

In some cases, a Gift Marking may be even more prominent than fingerprints and require more attention. That’s how important a Gift Marking can

Class Content:
~ We will be covering each of the 18 gift markings, with written and visual content.
~ We will be looking at the four categories into which Gift Markings fall: Head/Heart lines, Public Requirements, Intuitive Gift Markings and Personal Focus Gift Markings.
~ You will have all your Gift Markings identified.

Five of the Gift Markings can show up on the sides of your hands, so being there in person gives you more specific identification than hand prints can do. Or prints may have ink too dark to see the Gift Markings clearly. Nothing matches being there in person to know tangibly what your gifts are.

During the course of discussing content, you will learn what it means when you are the Master Path (feels good) and Student Path (doesn't feel good) of each marking. And how to move from the student path to master path.

The student path of Gift Markings also is referred to as the "penalty" side. This is because, the rarity of Gift Markings means that you have a larger, more expansive requirement than any other markings in the hands. Not using them "enough" or "under-using" them can cause a few side effects that impact relationships in a difficult way. Especially your relationship with yourself, that then gets projected onto others in your life.

If you have 3 or more Gift Markings, there is a good chance you are "hiding out" from using them. Not because you want to hide out. But because it's a lot to understand and implement. And because it's not very common so you don't have role models to show you the way.

Please join us to learn about yourself and feel the support of being a multi-talented person,

And to learn about how to talk about Gift Markings with others so you can support them to appreciate and honor their multiple talents.

It's not an easy life being marked with multiple Gift Markings.

Let us support you to new levels of self-appreciation in this area and self-acceptance that it's actually a good thing to be highly talented.


Heart Lines in the hands are the ones that identify:

How you express love
How you want love expressed to you
How you communicate your feelings.

Just knowing this one line could make a HUGE difference in your communication with loved ones in your life, employees, co-workers, managers and friends.

Even though there are only 4 Heart Line types, there are variations that actually show up in the hands, creating a bit more complication.

During the one-day class we are going to:

Identify your heart line type(s) in case you have more than one type (which happens about 2/3 of the time)

Identify the major characteristics of the Four Heart Line types.

Discuss what happens when you have more than one type.

Also explore what happens BETWEEN the types so you can understand other people in your life who have different heart line types than you do.

You will be amazed to know that just this one line in your hands can have a HUGE impact on communication in your relationships.

It can also reduce judgment of others who have different heart line types and support more effective interactions between you.

You will learn how to communicate more tangibly how you want love expressed to you so you ask for and receive love the way you want more often than you do now.

Additionally, the insights will support improved communication with your children, family members, relatives and partners so that there can be less friction due to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

An example of Big Heart – Heart line

Join us in


Date: 15th – 16th SEPTEMBER2018

Investment: $997

All materials and lunches provided

Your Teacher

About Me:
Luanne, Certified Hand Analyst, first had her Scientific Hand Reading in 2009. I knew the moment I had that reading that I was going to go to the USA and get trained and bring it back to Australia to spread this work as much as I could. More people are desiring to know their Life Purpose. Be warned – once you Know you can never Unknow. That was 7 years ago now and I have always had a passion for this work and to help as many people as possible to be on Purpose.

The joy of learning in a class environment is not only the content, but the relationships that are created.

Our Guarantee

If, by lunch, the day of the training, you are not satisfied with all you are receiving,

quietly turn in your registration materials for a full refund, no questions asked.

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