GELFI Adventure Day Vol 2.0

Who doesn't love riddle and treasure hunting?
It is all about the mystery that takes you beyond reality to discover new dimensions.
It is about the greatness of ancient buildings and monuments.
We want to tell you that the greatest treasure hunt in Alexandria is on very soon!

Now you can have the

chance to explore your city in a competitive and entertaining way. Explore Alexandria in a way you never did before.
If you want to live such a great adventure, don't hesitate and register your team now. It's going to be a new experience and Super fun.
But you should pick your team wisely because it’s not going to be an easy journey!!

The revenue of this event will help funding a summer camp for blind kids in Hurghada.

Registration link:

Deadline: 14/4/2017

Each team must consist of 4-6 participants including a team leader.
Fees per team: 300 EGP

All movements are invited.
Each movement can register by more than one team.
This event is for whether you belong to a movement or not.

Participants must be at least 16 years old.

Teams will be competing on solving clues related to historical places, monuments, etc.
Historical knowledge is not required!
It's all about Team work, Speed and observation!

A meeting with the team leaders will be held soon to explain the rules of the game.

--For further information please contact:
Mazen Amr: 01210256010
Seif Hossam: 01119637596

GELFI "[G]roupe des [E]coles de [L]angues en [F]aculté '[I]ngenieurie"
Main Target: Serving our community and society through different activities.

• GELFI is an independent non-profit Organization student organization founded in Egypt, 1992 based in the University of Alexandria, Faculty of Engineering, set to help children in need through charity and volunteer work.

• Our work is focused on helping those who are in need especially children who are whether disabled, blind and orphans.

• Our main event is “The Camp”, which takes place every summer in Marsa Matrouh or Hurghada.And which is organized for whether down syndrome children or blind.

---To know more about GELFI:

مين مش بيحب الالغاز و الغموض؟ فاكر إنك عارف إسكندرية كويس؟

كون فريق مع صحابك و سجل و استخدم ذكائك فى حل الألغاز و أكتشف إسكندرية من أول و جديد بطريقة تنافسية و ممتعة.

Gelfi Adventure Day هو Treasure hunt fundraising event :
الهدف منه هو جمع فلوس تساهم فى طلوع معسكر للأطفال المكفوفين في الغردقة لمدة اسبوع. المعسكر دا هو أهم حدث في جلفي كل سنة و مشاركتك معانا هي مشاركة مباشرة في اسعاد الأطفال.
هي دي فرصتك تعيش مغامرة فوق الخيال..... سجل فريقك فورا


اخر ميعاد للتسجيل: 20/3/2017

كل فريق مكون من 4/6 افراد
المبلغ لكل فريق 300 جنية فقط لا غير
الدعوة عامة لكل الجمعيات الكشفية و المستقلة و لكل الناس
لازم يكون المشتركين اكبر من 16سنة
اختر فريقك كويس علشان مش هتكون مهمة سهلة

الفرق هتتنافس علي حل الالغاز عن الاماكن التاريخية و الاثرية
مش لازم تكون عارف حاجة في التاريخ بس لازم عمل جماعي و سرعة و دقة

في اجتماع قريب للteam leaderهنشرح فيه اكترالتفاصيل

لو عندك اسئلة كلم

Mazen Amr: 01210256010
Seif Hossam: 01119637596

GELFI علشان تعرف اكتر عن:

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28 April , Friday 09:00

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