Geek Bowl XII: America's Biggest Trivia Night!

The parties? Legendary. The competition? Fierce. The money? Large, and in the form of a check. Geek Bowl XII is coming and, for the first time ever, America's biggest trivia event is headed east of the Mississippi. Make plans to be in Boston, MA on February 17th for a wicked good time. What is Geek Bowl

you ask? It's the best Quiz we produce all year and, with over a thousand attendees, it’s the biggest live trivia event in America. More than that, Geek Bowl is an over-the-top spectacle packed with subversive wit, absurd pageantry and all the beer your liver can handle. Teams from all across the 47 Geeks Who Drink states (and at least one team from the Great White North) will head to Boston to play for nearly $20,000 in prizes. Simply put, it’s the best damn Quiz in the land. As if you needed another reason to come, this year, the whole thing is to benefit the Boston based organization Artists for Humanity! Tickets on sale December 13th.

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When is Geek Bowl XII?
Saturday, February 17th 2018. Now you know what to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or guinea pig with for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I Love You” like tickets to Geek Bowl. Doors will open at 5:30pm and we'll start with the nonsense at 7pm!

Where is Geek Bowl XII?
After 11 years west of the Mississippi, Geek Bowl is making the long trip east to Boston, MA and we'll be filling Agganis Arena to the brim with geeky and drinky goodness.

How much cash is on the line?
A lot. More than $20,000!

Yeah, but who actually wins that money?
Like previous years, the lion's share of the cash prize goes to the top 5 scoring teams in the room. They are the best after all. Geek Bowl XII is changing things up a bit though and introducing two new prizes to the mix. Geek Bowl attracts some of the best and brightest quizzers in the world and, while we love the superchamps of the world, we know not all of you know a Jennings or a Rutter or a Short. If your team doesn't have a former Geek Bowl (or TV game show) winner on it you'll be eligible for our "Amateur" champions title. We'll also be introducing a cash prize for our top performing local team. We'll have more info on the prize breakdown soon!

Are you doing this for charity again?
Indeed we are! Geek Bowl XII benefits the Boston based organization Artists for Humanity and their mission is to bridge economic, racial, and social divisions by providing under-resourced urban youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design. Learn more about our charity partner at

What about music?
We have a surprise musical guest for Geek Bowl XII, but we can't tell you yet. Get hyped!

OK, we want in! What do we need to do to qualify for Geek Bowl?
Absolutely nothing! Just buy your tickets on December 13th and get ready for the quiz of a lifetime. There's no qualifying, challenges or proving your worthiness required.

Where do I buy tickets and how much are they?
Ticketing info coming real soon!

Are there discount accomodations for Geek Bowl players?
Yes! You even have options this year! You can book at the Holiday Inn Boston - Brookline ( or call 855-813-9839) using promo code GBX for $114 a night (Wednesday through Sunday). You can also book a room at DoubleTree Suites Boston - Cambridge at $144 a night ( In both cases, you'll need to book before February 1st, but the sooner the better as there is a finite number of rooms available at those rates.

How does the seating work?
Seats will be assigned by purchase date, as a tiebreaker we will also take your registration time into account, so you'll want to buy early and register quickly. Teams who buy their tickets (in blocks of 6) first will receive (what we think) are the best seats available based on your placement in the queue. This generally means closest to furthest from the stage, starting in the middle of the room.

What's the deal with having to buy six tickets?
Tickets are sold in groups of six. If you haven't arranged a full team but you know you’re going to Geek Bowl, buy the six tickets and then recruit the rest of your squad.

Recruitment is never a problem and we’ll help you out via our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Plus, come Geek Bowl time we can more or less guarantee there will be lone Boston players without tickets looking to get picked up.

Will there be food? What about beer?
Yes on both accounts. We are Geeks Who DRINK afterall.

What about the pre-party?
The Geek Bowl pre-party is legendary in it's own right and we'll have more details for you soon. For now, keep your calendar clear for the night of February 16th open!

Is Geek Bowl the same as a regular GWD quiz?
Well unless your weekly quiz featured a dance troupe reenacting famous dance scenes from movies live on stage, not exactly.

That said, in terms of format and rules, Geek Bowl is identical to a regular GWD event, just bigger in scope. There are eight rounds of eight questions. You’ll still Joker one round, which will double your points for that round only. The point values for each round will be printed on the answer packets so you can make an informed decision on when to joker.

Will you tease the themes via email like a regular quiz?
With this much money on the line? Nope. Everyone enters the building fresh, including the staff. We don’t even give the quizmasters reading the rounds their script until they’re walking onto the stage.

Is it true that proctors monitor the floor and will drop-kick teams caught using their iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Blackberries, Windows Phones, HAL-9000s, Etch-a-Sketches, and any other extra-cranial devices?
Believe it. There's serious money on the line and we’re not taking any chances just because your stupid daughter has the flu and you’ve got to check in on her. Fuck your daughter. Wait, scratch that. Forget your daughter, because if you're seen so much as looking at a smartphone during Geek Bowl, your team gets a goose egg for the round and might even be ejected from the event.

Just humor us and leave your phones and any other wireless devices in the car. Additionally, if you leave the main seating area in the middle of a round to use the bathroom, make a call or smoke a cancer stick, you won’t be allowed back in until the answer sheets have been collected for that round.

Also, plan on minimalism at the table. Anything that wasn’t given to you by GWD (answer sheet packets, pencils, swag) or that you didn't buy (beer and food) must be put away while the quiz is in play. We’ve got to eliminate the possibility of outside notes/reference material being brought in.

Oh, and trust us: you cannot study for Geek Bowl. Don’t bother.

How long will the show run?
Our goal every year is to announce the winners three hours after we start. If we run over, it’s for a good reason.

Will there be quizmasters and teams from other states?
Yes. Each Geek Bowl attracts dozens of quizmasters and hundreds of players from all over the Geeks Who Drink empire. Last year, teams from places as far flung as Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Denver, Austin and Vancouver B.C. competed for the grand prize.

Why should we buy tickets for Geek Bowl when our team never wins at our regular quiz?
So, you know the whole adage you heard as a kid about winning not being everything? Well, winning is merely most things, but when it comes to Geeks Who Drink we think it’s only the cherry on top (okay, so thousands of cherries). If you don’t think of yourself as a contender, consider Geek Bowl a dork bacchanal. Dress to the nines, drink up and enjoy, because we’ll give you one hell of a show. We promise.

Is there an actual Geek Bowl?
Absolutely! Thanks to Geek Bowl II's winners, The Betas, there's an actual bowl that's resided in Albuquerque, Denver, Philly, Little Rock and Raleigh over its lifetime. If your team wins, your home bar hosts the Bowl until Geek Bowl XIII in 2019. Glory!

My question wasn’t answered here!
OK, but that's not really a question, is it? Shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you.

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17 February , Saturday 19:00

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