Gator Drift Bash 2017

So alot of drivers have reached out to us and asked if We were going to host another Gator Drift Bash at Gainesville Raceway. We have given it some thought and this is what We came up with.

Some of you may no know this, but hosting an event at Gainesville Raceway is very costly since it takes alot

of preparation, covering track cost/fees, equipment rentals, paying insurance policy, Set up the track layout, recruit staff too run the event and much much more. Gainesville has grown on me. We love hosting events at the track, since they have allowed me to host practice days there.

So in order for this to happen, We have started a Private pre-registration page to have a minimun of 50 secured and commited drivers. We decided to not continue to host events there, as we can no longer bear such huge expense. After it's all set in done track cost alone( including insurance and set up) runs about $4,000, not to mention making sure things run smothly.

The date that Gainesville Raceway and We agreed upon is Saturday December16th 2017 (Not a secured date, but we made a decission on that date ) Once we have all spots filled, we will secure it and make an official and advertised event. We are giving you 2 weeks to plan and pre-reg starting Oct 16th all the way til Oct 31st.

Note: If in the likelyness of receiving the full registered 50 drivers, and the date selected is no longer available; We will work rapedly to find a repalcement date and inform you ahead of time . The sooner we secure the spots, the faster we start planning. In the senario that we can't find a date that suits everyone, the pre-registartion will end/cancelled and ALL previous registries will be refunded. (Very unlikely, but the scenario has to always be there)

To secure your spot, a payment of $77.75 must be sent to the following Paypal address: (amount includes paypal fees)

You can also use the link provided below:

What does the entry guarantee you?

1. Entry for you and your vehicle

2 Two guess (pit crew passes)

3 Cageless tandems (At the discretion of TGD

3 Tons of seat time that you would probably run out of tires by the end of the day

4 A good and fun techincal layout for all drivers of all run gruops/classes

5 An organization that is taking care of everything as far as track setup, inicidents (if any occur) and manages the event ,while you are busy burning tires and having fun.

Note: Once the event is set in stone, and in the scenario that you the "Driver" isn't able to commit to the date or is unable to go, NO REFUNDS or rain checks will be issued. It is solely the responsibility of the committed driver to make it to the event.

50 Drivers must sign up!!! Not 48,or 49. With the 50 drivers commited we would have $4000.00, and I will gladly cover the other expenses to set up and make sure the event is a go. I will also provide you with all the tools we need to run a safe and well put together event.

In the event that not all 50 drivers get to sign up..ALL THE PREVIOUS REGISTERED DRIVERS WILL RECEIVE THEIR MONEY THE VERY NEXT DAY!!.

The Following are drivers who I have reahed out and have confirmed their atendance. All drievrs listed must pre-registered before the deadline. Every registration counts and don't forget to share and invite other possible drivers

Steven bender
James McCulley
Igor Gravic
Savio Sousa Silva
Duarte Viana
Andrew Huffman
Evan clevland
Adam leya
Cameron Wills
Lucas Ridley
Alex Canni
Manuel Hiraldo
Benjamin Grisson
Turckson Garnes
Ryan Quinn
Alan Bush
Travis Hankmap
Steve shafer
Fred Concking
Eric Conkling
Lucas Ridley
Andrew ortiz
Jared Santiago
Anthony Salcilioni

We Will update the list as driver start to pre-register.

This is very important, as We really woud like to see commitment from your end. We have hosted several events and shown commitement to the drifting community here in Florida.

We really want this to happen, but we also need your help and cooperation. The sooner we have the cap filled, the sooner we can secure the date and start promoting for this event ahead of time.

If you wish to be removed from this page, and are not intrested in getting involved please let us know.

Thank your for your time



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16 December , Saturday 09:00

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